Thursday, November 21, 2019

Presentation Script Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Presentation Script - Assignment Example There some visible factors which work as an obstacle in the way of success, some of the odd factors are negligence, non-attentive attitude, different perceptions, and lack of unity among the people of these two departments. Most of the times these people forget to focus on the basics of their jobs, they neglect the fact that at the end of the day they all are working for the same company and have one major responsibility to enhance and promote the brand as much as possible for the success. The sales people and marketers often disapprove each other’s ideas and show less unity regarding the sales process and marketing of the product and so this lead to further frustrations. It is necessary for both the sales people and marketers to work in collaboration of each other without disrespecting the ideas and values of others. A combination of sales and marketing can lead up to the stairs of success by overlooking the major concerns of budget. The story changes with a positive turn once all the sales people and marketers are on the same team, working together will help them in solving different budget or product related issues. They can work heads on what type customers do they have, what are their preferences and interests and how those needs and demands can be satisfied by agreeing upon on one successful strategy and a budget plan made with the consensus of both the sales people and the marketers. This exercise will help them in maintaining a healthy relationship with each other and also help in avoiding the fights and disapprovals over the available funds of the company. Before implementing on any of the product plans it is essential to do a proper research, on both in house and field levels. The best can be done through customer surveys and by doing market segmentation. Getting a whole of information about your competitors are also important, a right knowledge about the competitors and their ideas can give you an edge

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