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A Simple Way to Complete an Outstanding Analytical Essay

A Simple Way to Complete an Outstanding Analytical Essay A Simple Way to Complete an Outstanding Analytical Essay It doesn’t matter what academic assignment you have: a simple descriptive essay or a research paper on physics. Knowing the basic principles will always help you to complete any sort of a task with minimum affords. Analytical essay is not an exception. It is a paper, where you need to analyze and interpret an event, piece of art or situation. You need to show your critical thinking and apply all of the knowledge you have gained. Decide what will be the center of your work. Any analytical essay concentrates on a topic, certain quote or issue. That is why you need to analyze the subject and decide what aspects you will focus on. Include facts on a matter to support your point of view, even if your essay is written about a book or a movie; Choose your topic. Usually professors give a topic to write about but sometimes you can choose it yourself. Here is where the most problems arise and most of the students simply don’t know how to manage the task properly. If it is a movie or a book analysis, you can back your opinion with actions of various characters. You can also analyze motives of actors or participants. If it is a historical event, don’t forget to describe the things that influenced it. As well as use scientific tools for an academic topic; Start with a thesis statement. It is one of the most important parts of any assignment, as it gives the reader a chance to understand whether he wants to go on reading. A thesis statement of an analytical essay should back your ideas and give the reader a chance to see what issues you are going to discuss; Back your thoughts with evidence. You should pay great attention to all the materials you are dealing with, as they will be later used to back your ideas. Use films, books or any other materials to support your statement and add additional evidence to your thesis. It is a great idea to explain various events or situations, which happened before the described events and their influence on the matter; Write a plan of your paper. Completing an outline may greatly simplify your life, as you will be able to always stick to the plan and remember what thinks you wanted to write about. A regular analytical essay consists of a short introduction, body and conclusions. The body paragraphs contain main information on the matter, so here you need to indicate all of the most important features on the subject. Example of an analytical essay plan: Introduction Section 1: Causes of the event Section 2: Description of the event Part 3: Reaction of the characters Conclusions Compose your analytical essay    Write the introduction. Any introduction requires careful attention to details, as it gives the reader an overall impression and encourages him to go on reading. That is why you need to be innovative and make your topic as attractive as possible. However, don’t include too many facts and details, as they may easily bore the audience. You should also try to avoid dramatic elements, like exclamation marks, as an analytical essay always remains subjective; Write body paragraphs. There is a great way to complete your body paragraphs in a simple way. You should only divide them into three parts: Write down the main sentence; Analyze the text; Include a certain fact, which will confirm your thesis and text analysis. Every paragraph should correspond with your thesis statement and provide a deep understanding of the topic. Don’t be in a hurry and complete a thorough analysis of all statements; Wisely choose a place for quotes and paraphrases. Any time you want to use someone else’s thoughts or phrases, you need to quote them inside the text. With such citations, you support your ideas or provide useful information, so it is important to add quotes to relevant paragraphs. Make sure you cite everything properly depending on the required formatting style; Write down the conclusions. When working on this section, you need to remind the audience your main statements on the topic. It is also possible to paraphrase the thesis but make it sound different from the introduction section. Provide different ideas and conclusions to make the reader think on the topic. Your opinion shouldn’t influence someone else’s assessment but still it is useful to write a couple sentences on your own ideas. Final stage Go through your paper over and over again to avoid any mistakes, including lexical and grammatical ones. Even the best paper can receive lower marks if it contains lots of mistakes and complex sentences. That is why you need to make sure that you spend enough time on correcting possible errors. If you find it difficult, ask someone to help; Read your analytical essay aloud. Students often neglect this common practice. However, it can greatly help you to concentrate on the sections, which you didn’t pay attention to. You may also see what sections or even phrases sound too complicated and which are readable. Making one step at a time, you will be able to complete an outstanding essay, which will be smooth and interesting; Eliminate all possible spelling mistakes. There is nothing worse than writing names, locations and places with mistakes. Take your time and consult several various sources to make sure you spell such information correctly. The best tips you will ever get It will be much easier to write down your thesis statement if you understand what you are willing to prove. Your opinion may change throughout the work, so you should simply alter the thesis statement a bit; Stick to the point. Some students think that writing a long essay, filled with watery sentences, is a great solution. However, any professor will agree that your analytical essay should be brief and clear. Every sentence you write should analyze a certain matter and be backed by a research; Don’t use too many quotes. Of course, it is great to use quotes and citations of scholarly sources and other authors. However, loading your text with too many details will simply do you harm, as your professor may think that you don’t have any personal thoughts on the subject; Be innovative. It is difficult to stand out from hundreds of other works, so finding a way to differ is crucial if you want to be noticed. If the topic allows, write your essay in a form of an autobiography or a letter. In addition, you can add infographics, illustrations and provocative titles to engage the reader; No everyday language. If your essay is analytical and requires a critical approach, it is necessary to avoid everyday phrases. If you decide to use slang you can sound unprofessional, which may greatly influence your final grades and overall impression from the text.

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Alexander the Prophet essays

Alexander the Prophet essays When Alexander the Prophet introduced Glycon the snake to the Abonoteichans, it displayed how the masses of antiquity were eager to worship some sort of God. Moreover, it really illustrated how easy it was to invent a god and watch the masses scurry to worship it. The people throughout the Roman world were so superstitious, ignorant and gullible that even a skeptic with convincing arguments and evidence had no practical effect on the credulous believers. Alexander was indeed an intelligent and resourceful man and that was part of the reason he was so successful at his cons. The other reason for his success was due to the sheer ignorance of the masses and he used both of these factors to his advantage. He understood, according to Lucians story, that hope and fear tyrannize every mans life and that anyone able to make use of either for his own good could become rich overnight. Alexander was so very good at working people in his favor, aside from swindling them for money, of course. Even when his prophesies went awry, he was quickly able to recover. He would prepare ex post facto oracles to help out the bad predictions, such as the one he gave Severianus about his march into Armenia. This was a rich and notable person, Severianus, and he trusted Glycon with his and his soldiers lives, much to his detriment. His oracles were not only listened to and believed by the commoners. There was a very large patronage of emperors and pr ovincial governors as well. Even Rutilianus, the governor of Moesia and Asia, was a devout follower, and married Alexanders daughter. Rutilianus also came to Alexanders defense when his own son had died after he asked Glycon where he should receive his education. Rutilianus simply came up with a possible positive interpretation of what the oracle may have meant. Alexanders god was so popular that people rushed all the way from Rome to consul ...

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Presentation Script Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Presentation Script - Assignment Example There some visible factors which work as an obstacle in the way of success, some of the odd factors are negligence, non-attentive attitude, different perceptions, and lack of unity among the people of these two departments. Most of the times these people forget to focus on the basics of their jobs, they neglect the fact that at the end of the day they all are working for the same company and have one major responsibility to enhance and promote the brand as much as possible for the success. The sales people and marketers often disapprove each other’s ideas and show less unity regarding the sales process and marketing of the product and so this lead to further frustrations. It is necessary for both the sales people and marketers to work in collaboration of each other without disrespecting the ideas and values of others. A combination of sales and marketing can lead up to the stairs of success by overlooking the major concerns of budget. The story changes with a positive turn once all the sales people and marketers are on the same team, working together will help them in solving different budget or product related issues. They can work heads on what type customers do they have, what are their preferences and interests and how those needs and demands can be satisfied by agreeing upon on one successful strategy and a budget plan made with the consensus of both the sales people and the marketers. This exercise will help them in maintaining a healthy relationship with each other and also help in avoiding the fights and disapprovals over the available funds of the company. Before implementing on any of the product plans it is essential to do a proper research, on both in house and field levels. The best can be done through customer surveys and by doing market segmentation. Getting a whole of information about your competitors are also important, a right knowledge about the competitors and their ideas can give you an edge